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Additional Health Products We Recommend

Maintaining good health depends on quality, satisfying rest, more than on any other aspect of living. Relaxation, comfort and good sleep do more than make us feel good. They’re vitally important in several ways: in helping the body repair itself after each day’s challenges, resetting mental processes, restoring our energy. Every one of the body’s systems needs regular rest to help keep in good repair.


Nikken offers a selection of products that promote the quality rest and relaxation that everyone needs. Every day.  Nikken was created to offer people everywhere an improved way of living. 

This is made possible through an idea known as total wellness. Instead of following the traditional approach of Western medicine that concentrates on curing disease, wellness emphasizes prevention, avoiding illness rather than curing it. 

The Nikken vision includes an understanding that total wellness rests on the 5 Pillars of Health™ — Healthy Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances. Balance in all of these areas can help produce a more healthy and satisfying lifestyle. 

That inspiration led founder Isamu Masuda to begin an organization that became the fastest-growing direct-selling company in Japanese history. Today a global wellness company, Nikken allows people around the world to enjoy a healthy, balanced life.

NIKKEN Magnetic Products


The two constituent parts of electromagnetism— electrical energy and a magnetic field — are naturally present in living things.

Electrical energy controls many functions in the human body. Electrical impulses keep the heart beating. They are the basis of cerebral (brain) activity. The sensation of touch is conducted by electrical nerve signals.

However, applying an external electrical current to a living organism can be extremely harmful, even fatal. 

In contrast, magnetism — the force that is allied to electricity — has no known ill effects when applied to a healthy body.*

This is one reason why magnets are ideal for practically any application. Even the most skeptical person regarding the positive effects of magnets, will nevertheless have to concede that there is no downside in trying them out.

Orthopedic Cervical Pillows 


Since aches and pains can happen anywhere, Core makes many shapes and sizes of precision-cut foam and fiber-filled pillows to help relieve pain naturally. Anyone whose headache has vanished with the application of ice will love our Headache Ice Pillo®; like the TravelCore, its also a compact fiber travel pillow. The Memory TravelCore delivers the benefits of memory foam for naps and travel; the versatile foam AB Contour Pillow does all that and also relieves lower back pain


Chiroflow® Waterbase Pillow 
A new clinical survey from Logan College of Chiropractic has proven the Chiroflow® Waterbase Pillow adjusts instantly and gives proper support to any head or position. Given a choice, people much prefer to sleep on a soft fiberfill instead of foam. That's why the Chiroflow® Waterbase Pillow has an extra soft layer of polyester fiberfill on top of the water layer. So now relief of neck pain and associated headaches is within easy reach.

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