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Nutritional Support - Healthy Food Makes Healthy Bodies!

Given proper nutrition, the human body has an amazing ability to heal itself. If properly fed and given the right nutrients, the human body is designed to repair itself. To do so, we need to eat a healthier diet, exercise, and take high-quality supplements made from whole foods. Whole food supplements supply our bodies with nutrients we are not getting from our diet, all the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals,

and phytonutrients that foods possess in a way that nature intended, in a whole food form.
Only whole food supplements complete the nutritional gap

Whole food supplements are made by concentrating foods for use in supplements. When processed correctly, they supply a multitude of the plant's components. Foods provide nutrients that work synergistically. They work together to provide you with optimal nutrition for good health.

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Ask Yourself These 4 Important Questions:


          1. Where are you TODAY regarding your health?


          2. Where will you be in 45 years if you DON'T change?


          3. Where would you LIKE to be in 5 to 10 years?


          4. WHY do you want to be there?




Act TODAY with THE FUTURE in mind!


What APPEARS to be a SACRIFICE today is really AN INVESTMENT in your FUTURE!


The professionals and staff at Sole Supports, Inc. are dedicated to providing the finest functional/accommodative custom foot orthoses available anywhere. Our core value is "We Make People Better". We may not have the best looking or most slickly packaged device on the market, but our bottom line is that we make a big difference in people's lives. We realize that healthy, functional feet are literally the foundation for a healthy body and an active life. So we are serious about doing the research and making the changes to our design as needed, to offer the most effective foot support for all kinds of feet and lifestyles.

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The Iodine Test 

If you are one of those who would like more proof that your body needs or does not need iodine, let me share a simple test. Buy a bottle of Tincture of Iodine at the drug store and paint a 2" square spot on your inner arm (or get a convenient Roller-Top Bottle from us). If it disappears in less than eight hours, you desperately need iodine. If it disappears in 24 hours, you also need iodine. If it simply stays on your arm and begins to slowly fade in color after a full 24 hours, you have already reached iodine sufficiency.

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