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An Exciting New Testing Procedure At Hogan Chiropractic Services

                                         Will it HURT???NO!


You will place your hand on the Zyto hand cradle, sit back and relax.  The Zyto scan reads the digital signatures of every organ and tissue in your body. The Galvanic Skin Response is measured to many different stimuli and analyzed for coherence patterns.  

This gives us a tremendous amount of functional information about your body

and how its working!


Wouldn't you like to feel balanced and energetic? Wouldn't you like to know what organs and systems in your body are functioning well and which ones are not? Wouldn't you like to know what foods or things in your environment are creating problems for you? Wouldn't you like to know what nutrients or products will help you rebalance what is out of balance? 

That is what ZYTO Technology can accomplish for you. It combines the latest in computer technology with ancient healing principles that have been successful for thousands of years. 

You may already be familiar with the meridians in your body, the basis of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. They are electromagnetic energy pathways that run throughout your body, through all your organs and systems. When your meridian flow is balanced and healthy, you are balanced and healthy. 


When biocommunication is optimal, we are able to ask the body questions, and it can tell us what makes it more stressed, and what eases the stress.  Imagine knowing where your body has a condition of imbalance before it breaks down and disease results! 

The computer software connected with the ZYTO reports in priority which Organs, Vertebra, Teeth,and Acupuncture Meridians should receive attention.    In addition, the ZYTO software has a virtual library of nutritional products that can be tested for their interactions with the body systems in such a way that it can identify the substances (nutritional products) that will restore the balance of the systems that are in trouble. 


The Six Phase Table gives you an idea of the way the data from your testing is analyzed and a nutritional protocol is formulated. It was developed in the 1970's by

Dr. Reckeweg, and is an eloquent graphic representation of the ultimate blend of traditional pathological concepts with homeopathy and Eastern medicine.

The center line (Biological Division) in the Matrix Phase shows us the things which are more easily reversible on the left side, and the more permanently ingrained things on the right side.  The more simple systems (skin) are at the top, more complex systems at the bottom.  (Google Six Phase Table for more information)



When things are, “normal” we should be able to excrete from all systems.


We have two goals in treatment: First, we want to get the systems BALANCED, to even out the playing field, so to speak, and Second, we want to get the INFLAMMATION out of the systems, and help the body to eliminate toxic wastes that get deposited into the cells, and into the intercellular matrix.  Those are the burdensome chemicals that burn up our energy and make us old before our time!

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