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Dr. Hogan grew up in Upstate New York, in the village of New Hartford, just outside of Utica.  He attended Ithaca College for two years, majoring in Biology.  He entered into an advanced placement program that introduced him to two remarkable professors that set the pace for his lifelong interest in structure and function.  He transferred to Utica College of Syracuse University for his final two years of undergraduate work, majoring in Medical Technology. 


Dr. Hogan's laboratory internship gave him invaluable experience in five different Upstate hospitals, two in Utica, one in Rome, NY, one in Oneida, NY, and Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown.  This broad exposure from the humblest of small-town hospitals to the leading state-of-the-art teaching hospital demonstrated the broad range of medical-based (allopathic) disease care models.


 His natural curiosity as a student led him to seek out the opportunity to observe and assist in post-mortem examinations whenever his schedule allowed, giving him hands-on experience with life and diseased tissues in ways that few ever experience.  He graduated and successfully achieved his certification with the American Society Of Clinical Pathologists: BSMT(ASCP).  His natural curiosity  persists to this day.

Dr. Hogan worked at St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester, NY for about five years.  His first opportunity was in Hematology and Immunohematology (blood banking).  The varied cultural population served at the hospital, as well as serving in the hospital exposed him to a broad variety of genetic variations and clinical conditions.  His natural inclination to be a, "tinker" resulted in developing his skills in the maintenance and repair of the sensitive and sophisticated equipment utilized in these settings.


Recognizing his abilitiy to serve a broader purpose, after a little over a year or so, he was promoted to Assistant Supervisor on the evening and night shifts.  This resulted in developing expertise in all the other laboratory areas and instrumentation, as well as emergency toxicology screening.  This also meant that his chief duty was Sunday Supervisor, resulting in broad interface and interaction with hospital personnel and clinicians on all laboratory issues related to emergency patient care.


These experiences soon led him to think that there must be a better way...  The hospital-based care system was very adept at fighting diseases.  What it seemed to lack, however, was a focus on helping the patient get well.  After a great deal of late-night reading and much soul-searching, Dr. Hogan received a book from his brother: The Chiropractor's Adjustor, by Daniel David Palmer, the developer of Chiropractic in 1895.  A brilliant genius, still ahead of his time, Dr. Palmer's words struck a chord that continues to resonate in Dr. Hogan: Restore the tone of the nervous system.  The rest, as they say, is a history that continues to unfold!

Our Chiropractic Practice


Dr. Hogan graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in December 1981.  He took over the existing practice of Dr. Philip Spaulding in February of 1982, and has been in practice at this location, just south of Mechanicville, NY,  ever since.


He continues to study with some of the greatest minds in Chiropractic on a regular basis to improve his skills and expand his services to the best of his ability.  Our constant goal is to maximize individual human potential for healing and life!



                        What Our Patients Are Saying



Laurien F.   I am bipolar.  Before I started receiving chiropractic care, I was treated as a, "head case", as if my head was separate from my body.


After being treated as a whole person by Dr. Hogan, I was able to have a normal life without the extreme ups and downs that are symptoms of Bipolar disorder.


Of course, I still take my bipolar medication, but being treated holistically gave me my life back.


I worked in a nursing home.  I sprained my ankle one day and couldn't walk on it.  Dr. Hogan realigned the bones in my ankle and foot, treated the strained arch muscles and sprained ligaments.  


The next day I was able to work on my feet the whole shift with no pain!

More Words From Our Patients


George M. 80 yrs. old. Farm Owner.  "I'm not sure what you're doing, but I thought I was going to have to stop driving.  Now my reflexes are good as ever, and my eyes even seem to work better.  I stand up straighter, and I can work as hard as I did 10 years ago!  My pain is much less!  Thanks!'


Robin M. 40-something yrs. old.  "Making the choice to go to Dr. Hogan rather than a traditional medical doctor was the best decision I could possibly have made for myself. My first visit with Dr. Hogan was the most thorough consultation I have ever experienced. He was patient and listened intently to every issue I had and then gave me hope that there was a solution without the use of medication or surgery. 

After three months of seeing him on a regular basis and following his dietary instructions to a “T”, I have never felt better mentally, physically and emotionally in my entire life.

Thank you, Dr. Hogan!"


Lance and Michele K.:  We can't thank Dr. Hogan and his staff enough.  His ability to determine food intolerances through the non-evasive muscle testing is truly amazing!  Through this method our family has been able to determine foods that had previously been making us sick.  Elimination of these foods from our diet has had an unbelievable reversal of symptoms ranging from anxiety, irritability, headaches, brain-fog, lethargy and skin rashes. Thank you Dr. Hogan for making our family happier and healthier!  Again, thanks for everything! We just wish you weren't so far away. Hey, how about relocating your practice to beautiful downtown Cazenovia?!  See you soon.

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